Monthly Flyer

Wine of the Month:

Bogle Pinot Noir

With exceptional great taste, this wine offers the variety taste that pairs well with any meal!

Looking for a Christmas wine that you can serve not only with your turkey, but also before and after the meal? Look no farther than the Bogle Pinot Noir. This wine is made in the Russian River Valley and the coast of Monterey Hills. Floral notes of violets and fragrant strawberries resonate throughout this wine. The sophisticated mouthfeel is vibrant with layers of cherry fruit, but still the classic taste that Bogle puts into their wine. Using both American and French oak barrels, this wine leaves you with the taste of earth tones and graceful tannins behind. This wine is simply amazing with any foods!!

Please stop by and checkout this delicious wine. We will be offering it through the holiday season!